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Carve Folding Board

Posted by at 01:45 AM on 12, Apr 2010 Filed under:House Decoration

Carve folding board is adopting suitcase shape. It can be folded into two. The outter surface is the board itself while the inner space is the storage for the chess piece. Each sides of the board is also crafted. It also has the handle so that it is easy to carry. More info...

Chess Set as Decoration

Posted by at 01:26 AM on 12, Apr 2010 Filed under:House Decoration

Chess set can decorate the lobby. The small chess set, as the picture described, is placed in a lobby of one of the resort in East Java, Indonesia. It is entertaining for your guests and mood building for your hotel. You can also locate this chess set to your home. More info...

Patio Chess Made Of Teak Wood

Posted by at 01:16 AM on 09, Apr 2010 Filed under:House Decoration

What’s your patio furniture now? Have no idea for decorate your patio space? Ask your self and find to know about outdoor furniture to suit your outdoor lifestyle. Imagine when you spend some time out on your patio, alone or with somebody else, or jooking with your family member. Those activity probably more interesting if you complete the look of your patio with something unique and different....